Special Conditions required for the Teton VU to be open during the COVID19 Crisis

**Please read the entire post for announcement and instructions!" 
You can now sit directly in front or behind your vehicle but must remain at least 6 feet away from other people or vehicles. We have decided to open while following the directions from the state. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to provide an activity for our customers, keep our employees working, and strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the Governors administration. 

More information can be found at

We prefer tickets to be purchased online and preferably you print your ticket at home and bring it to the gate for verification, as we are trying to limit contact as much as possible.

Our Diner is currently open for popcorn, bottled and canned soda, and prepackaged candy only. You can purchase your concessions items at or you can order inside the diner.

Our general policy is no outside food or drink but we allow you to bring it in with the purchase of a $2 per person in the vehicle food voucher, Since the main source of revenue that keeps the Teton Vu operating is concession sales. During this time until our diner is able to open we will temporally allow you bring your own food and snacks in, without a food voucher. Grills are not allowed. Please No Smoking or Alcohol.

Please be courteous to others by  remaining in your vehicle area other than for limited restroom breaks.

RESTROOMS: Please limit your need to leave your vehicle for restrooms, the diner restrooms will be closed, we will have portable restrooms behind the building, and have an attendant performing regular cleanings.

TALLER VEHICLES please park further back in the lot. Also please leave headlights off during entire movie, if you need to start your car in the middle of the show to charge your battery, please make sure your headlights are turned off.
Thanks You for your support! #byui #rexburg #tetonvudrivein