Menu & Policies

Entrance Instructions

The map below shows the lanes. In order to use a prepaid lane all people in the vehicle must have prepaid tickets. 
Red Lane: Exit only, do not enter through this lane or tire damage will occur. 
Yellow Lane: Closed. Do not enter through this lane. 
Green Lane: Prepaid tickets only, food permits can be purchased with cash or card. If this lane is empty, cars from the blue lane will be signaled to come over to this lane one at a time.  Anyone attempting to purchase tickets on-site in this lane (unless waived over from the blue lane) will be charged an additional $1 per ticket. 
Blue Lane: Use this lane to purchase tickets on site. Prepaid customers can also use this lane. Food permits and tickets can be purchased with cash or card in this lane. 
There is not parking allowed on any driveways. Parking in the open fields outside the gates requires a free parking permit which can be obtained at the ticket booth. Any vehicles parked outside of the gates without a permit will be towed. 

2022 Menu

How To Enjoy the Drive-In

The $8 adult ticket , $1 kids ticket and $5 senior ticket will get you into all movies playing at the Teton Vu on the night purchased. We suggest that you arrive about 1 hour before the first show. Weekends we open gates up to 2 hours prior to show times. If you are only wanting to watch one show, you are welcome to come or leave when you so desire, but it does not change the ticket price. If you are arriving after the movie starts, please remember to turn off your headlights so as not to bother other patrons and drive carefully.

Tickets are available for purchase online at, at the Box Office at the Paramount 5, or at the gate.
We do accept MoviePass at the Teton Vu. We do not have any way of taking pre purchases with movie pass. We ask that you use the right stand by lane for tickets and to please be checked in prior to reaching the ticket booth. If you are not able to have it ready by this time we may ask you to pull aside until it is ready or you may be requested to pay with other methods.
Outside food and drinks are only allowed with a food permit. Permits can be purchased at the gate for $2/ adult that will be eating the food. The permits can be redeemed for any food or drink item inside the diner for their full value. We have great food inside our diner, including burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and our fresh-cut steak fries, so please come check out our diner! Please put your food permit on the dashboard of your vehicle so that the security team can clearly see it.
We now have Gift Cards available for purchase! They can be purchased inside the Diner or at the Paramount 5.
The audio for the movie is broadcast through the radio station 107.7 FM, so have a good radio ready to go. If you car does not have a good stereo system, you can also bring a portable radio. 
Turn your car on for about 5 minutes every 20-30 minutes while watching the movie. This will help prevent your car battery from dying. In the event that your car battery does die while enjoying your movie, we do have a jumper box provided by UWrench inside the diner you may borrow.
Safety is our top priority. Please drive carefully and watch out for children. Report any unsafe activities or conditions to our team. We are here to help you, so just ask.
Kindness and Common Sense prevail. Please be respectful to patrons, staff, and the land.
Parking outside the gates and walking in is permitted only with a free parking permit. To obtain a parking permit, you simply need to show proof of purchase of tickets for all in the vehicle, and ask for a parking permit. Put the parking permit on the dashboard inside the car being parked. Cars without parking permits will be reported to the police.
Additional Information:
Parking spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. Saving parking spots for people arriving later is not permitted.
If you have a truck, we recommend that you park the truck backwards so that the tail end of the truck is facing the screen. That way, you can fill it full of pillows and blankets and enjoy the movie while being out under the stars. Parking sideways is not permitted as it takes up other patron’s parking spots. You can also bring lawn chairs to set up outside your car as long as you are not obstructing anyone’s view and as long as you stay in your parking space. Each car is allotted one parking space.
Anyone in large vehicles should park in the back half of the theater, so you do not block the view of other movie goers
Over sized vehicles, such as semis, motorhomes, trailers, moving vans, etc, need to park in the very back of the theater. After the movie starts, if there is extra space between you and the furthest back row of cars, you may move forward
Do not allow people or things to sit on top of your vehicles— this obstructs the view of other patrons and increases the risk of accident or injury.
Stereos and boom boxes are allowed, but please remember we do have neighbors, so keep the volume level to a considerate level
We do accept most major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. We do not accept checks.
We do not offer refunds for poor weather or because you do not like the movie, so do your research before arriving. is 
one great website to help you research the content involved in movies.
We do not offer refunds for any reason after the movie starts, with the exception of mechanical failure of our equipment (unless that failure is caused by lightning). Outside circumstance that terminate the show  will not be refunded, but instead given a pass for a future show. For example, A power outage or a lightning strike that damages the FM transmitter. We reserve the right to pause the show to allow lightning storms to pass and resume the show after the storm if the storm is a risk to the equipment.  
The Ticket Booth opens 1 hour before the first show on Monday-Thursday and 2 hours before the first show of Fridays and Saturdays, unless otherwise noted in the movie details on the website. We are closed on Sundays.
We are open rain or shine
The speed limit is 5 MPH
No drugs or alcohol
No smoking on the grounds
No open flames or BBQ grills permitted
No firearms or weapons of any kind
Quiet, well-behaved pets on leashes are always welcome on the grounds, but may not enter the diner
Drivers concealing another person in their vehicles will be turned away or expelled without a refund
Gather all of your personal items and check around your vehicle before leaving.
Audio or video recording of the images on screen is a federal crime and is subject to fines and/or prison.
This Theater and Management Assumes no responsibility for injury, situations beyond our control, proper damage, or lost or stolen items.